Men will be Men – Naughty Joke in Hindi

किसी आदमी की लंबी तपस्या के बाद अप्सरा प्रगट हुई।

उसने कहा की मैं तुम्हारी तीन इच्छाएं पूरी कर सकती हूं।

एक मैं जानती हुं बाकी की दो बताओ। 😀

6 thoughts on “Men will be Men – Naughty Joke in Hindi”

  1. Husband came home after seeing off his wife for two days. Prepared coffee and poured in his favourite mug. Put on music system opened laptop and enjoying like anything. suddenly mug tumbled and everything was mash. Music stopped, laptop put aside and poor guy was cleaning whole mess with pochcha. Tere se sukh dekha nahi gaya bhagwan…… Called wife I miss you a lot……

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